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Take a look at all the eye catching color offered by Lizard-Tree. From dark blue to bright silver the wast array of color will suit all your modding needs.

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Lizard-Tree is a growing and constantly evolving on-line e-commerce site devoted to the modding community at large. We believe it's important to have products that are unique and useful to those wanting to maximize their enjoyment of their chosen pursuit. Be that computers, home theaters, or even automotive modifications; In short, if you can mod it we will have the tools or materials to help you.

Lizard-Tree came into being early 2000 and since then has enjoyed a gradual yet growing acknowledgment within the modding community as a good source of quality and innovative products. Our flag ship product Chameleon Springs has gained recognition as one of the most unique solutions to your wiring problems in computers and audio situations, our Chameleon Springs have even been applied to such things as combat robotics and have also attracted the attention of Walt Disney. From one of our customers "The products from Lizard-Tree are the highest quality we've found anywhere. We cannot recommend them enough! Garage Doors Plus LLC